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Who’d have thought so many of you would enjoy reading about things that happen to us during sex or relate so much to my sometimes laughable moments of anxiety.

I’ve had a blast writing, seriously. I literally laughed so hard one time that I spilt red wine all over my pink pillow because #yolo I blog from bed and any excuse to be snuggled is action I wanna be in on.

Relatable Miss Renton kicked off just a short 18 months ago and has become so much more than a blog to me. It’s exposed me to my calling in life.

And fuck me does that sound cheesy when I say it out loud but I don’t know how better to describe it!

There’s an empty space out there just screaming to be filled with more people who talk about the importance of mental wellbeing, the impact of a healthy lifestyle and the fact that every single one of us has the opportunity to be someone great and follow their passion.

We just need to figure out what that is.

And that’s what the blog has done for me; lead me down the path to my true calling.

I’ve made no secret of the fact I want to be a health coach and I want to help improve people’s mental wellbeing by shining a light on my own. And now it’s time to step back for 8 weeks, refresh, refocus and direct my creative energy into a couple of little projects I have in the pipeline.

As well as study, work, live, eat, sleep, cry, train and do it all over again. Because, life.

Life is what you make of it and I choose to jump in head first, butt naked (cos anything that involves being naked is usually fun) and own THE SHIT out of it!

Soooooo you’re not going to hear from me on the blog until September but don’t worry, instead you’ll be hearing from a few other beautiful souls as once a week they share their own story relating to mental health. I can’t stress enough how important it is that we rally around each other and create a community that no longer sees mental health as a taboo subject.

And it starts with you. With me. With us!

I’m going to miss letting loose my frequent rambles on the blog but I’m so freakin EXCITED to come back revitalised with my health coach hat on creating a new space for all things health and wellness. I think that you might just love it…

And never fear because you can still find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for a fix Relatable Miss Renton style i.e. photos of me stretching in pain with a double chin.

Seriously, how come no one has married me yet????